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I have been at it again as a Kansas City Aerial Photographer & it was like being slowly baked in a camp stove as we chug along at 2,000′ over our targets in this multi hundred degree heat.

If the flight is long enough & we can get above that inversion layer, it is a cool 78 degrees & 120 mph, baby!

This was an interesting assignment as it took us south near Pleasanton, KS where the only major ground battle in Kansas happened during the Civil War. The Battle Of Mine Creek took place there Oct 25, 1864.

The greatly outnumbered Union troops won the battle & it ended the war on the western front.  The first photo is of the battlefield as it sits today.  The second image is the same shot with the approximate positions of the Union (Blue) & Confederate (Red) troops  at the time of the battle. The pink line is the old Ft Scott road.

I found it interesting & thought provoking to see this field where so many men died… I hear the visitor’s center is quite nice.

Then- While I’m up there, being a Kansas City Aerial Photographer…

I can’t go flying on an assignment & not come away with some, “Hey- look at that. Circle that once for me..” photos..

Power plants always interest me with their lines & shapes. The power plant shown here is the La Cygne Generating Station.

If you have been to the wonderful campus at Unity Village, then you know the tranquil feel of the place.  I have a nice image of it here, from the air.

A high School.. some intersections.. always on the lookout for an interesting shape from up there.

When Bartlett & West Engineers needed aerials of their highway interchanges & roundabouts, they called me right away.  They asked for some “arty, interesting aerials” instead of standard looking “just aerials.”  I love to make art when I can, even from 2,000′.

For example- the last image in this string is a beautiful “arty” shot of a Kansas plains fire with the patchwork fields all around..

Enjoy the views & please- If you have OR hear of the need for a good Kansas City Aerial Photographer- Look no further than right here at for your aerial photo needs.

I’ll be a Kansas City event Photographer for the next few jobs- but I got in my “air fix” this week & wanted to share.

Pass me along, won’t you.?

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