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Some of the hardest work I do as a Kansas City Event Photographer, is when I wear my Kansas City Wedding Photographer hat and cover a couple’s special day.

There are no second chances… no do-overs… A wedding photographer has to pay attention to the show as well as the surroundings.

I like to get in close for those different and unique angles. I have to be quick & concise & quiet, all at once- but the risks are worth it in the end when the couple has a shot that many photographers won’t press to get.

That is my job when I am a Kansas City Wedding Photographer.

As you look at this string of wedding photos please remember that I am not a full time wedding photographer but rather, a photographer that “editorially” covers your wedding. I like to tell stories with no words but plenty of visuals. People that hire me do so for the editorial style that I use to visually lay out the day… Personally, I think some full time wedding photographers grow stale doing only weddings.  My photo abilities in other areas, help teach me about making quick decisions in a wedding situation -and I use that knowledge all the time.

I get as nervous as the bride & groom on wedding day, believe me.

There’s a lot going on! If I ever have the luxury & budget of having a second photog shooting with me… why I just can’t imagine all that extra candy & could be shooting!

Please enjoy these recent wedding photos I have done & if the style is something you might be interested in… feel free to contact me at

I’d love to chat about your wedding day & be that one thing less you have to worry about.

You worry about things like- Is the AC at the church turned down to 68 degrees.. Where did I stash that Jager.. Should I wear heels all day long..  Stuff like that.
















































































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