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From Behind

The fun thing about being a Kansas City Photographer – or a photographer in Anytown USA- is that there is always something to shoot if you keep your eyes & imagination on at all times. A true image farmer will look at everything imaginable, processing it to be worthy or not worthy of documenting. I love to document. Photography is my window to your world. And yours.. & yours, back there in the back.

If you carry a nice little camera with you with a decent zoom lens- it doesn’t have to be an SLR- you can capture so much of the world that many pass by. I love my Nikon D90 & it loves to shoot although several of these photos are my D200 when it was the top dog of the Nikon pile.

I think a unique perspective on many subjects is “from behind.”

Children are adorable from behind… an old tattered automobile is interesting from behind… Many, many things are fun- and if not, interesting- to see from behind & Kansas City has no shortage of fun & interesting.

One has to be at the right place at the right time as well as be behind the subject they would normally want to be in front of. These shots usually just ‘appear’ & you decide to get it or you don’t. Sometimes it is there for a good long look like the back of the old Studebaker shown here… Other times, it happens right there in front of you, only there for the time it takes to check the tire pressure or write down the evening’s specials on a sidewalk board.

I have to mention the dog in the truck… The dog is not “dropped in”- or in other words, taken from another photo & dropped in the window of the truck. Someone pointed out once that, “The dog appears more sharp & much darker than the driver’s head.” True… it is. The center window is open so there is no glass to have to look through. Glass can look hazy & dirty as well as have a greenish or blue tint to it. That’s what we have going on here. That’s my story & I’m sticking to it.

As I was perusing through some old photos I saw a couple that caught my eye once again & they were from this perspective. Then I found another, & so on.

So, since I am a bit behind on posting- I will offer this series for your entertainment & viewing pleasure.

Mouse over the photos for catchy titles & wonder why Hallmark has not picked me up yet.

Sit back… pour a drink or a cup-o-joe & enjoy these views- From Behind.

Remember.. I’m not just doing this for fun. Still taking summer & fall weddings & event bookings. I will cover them like no other… but watch your behind.

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