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It Happened In Vegas

Well I got busy & completely fell behind in posting pieces of my world.  A Kansas City photographer simply has to document life all the time.

I was in Las Vegas recently on a live camera concert job & was able to grab a few interesting photographs to share with all of the image appreciators out there.

All photos posted on this page are taken with a Nikon D200 & Nikon 18-200VR lens at various ISO settings, all in available light. *see next to last image for a unique grab of someone’s flash*

We start off with a photograph from the Fairmont Street area of old Las Vegas of a photogenic martini glass & gitchy Vegas sign.

After a little manipulation, this turned out to be an interesting fine art image.

Then follow on through some classic Las Vegas signage from the past.

I gave the images of these signs a “1960’s” Kodachrome look & feel to match the era of these classic old pieces of art.

Blue Angel Motel… Holiday Motel… Fun City Motel…If those walls could talk- think of the screenplays that could have been.

I didn’t have a ton of time to go out & shoot fun stuff so these photos were all crammed in a 2 hour window the day I left for KC.

Then, there are three photographs that are street photography style, all at Mandalay Bay.

The first photograph is a shot of a lady in a black dress that happened so fast that the slow shutter speed coupled with the motion of her, the camera & myself, trying to get the composition before she walked behind that pillar…made for an arty outcome. I love the mysterious feel that is felt in my image, “Mystery Lady of Las Vegas.”  1/15th sec at f5.6  ISO 1000.

Two of the final three shots are centered around a pair of breasts displayed as art… and really- who can argue?  Don’t scroll down just yet. They’re not Real breasts -they are marble, not unlike some of the Vegas dancer’s…

I sat & watched as most people just breezed past the breasts. But then there were also several people that wanted their photo taken with them.

I love to get shots of people taking photographs themselves & the final “breast” photo was a great one to wait patiently 20 minutes for.  I have 5 or 6 shots of these girls posing in available light (at an ISO of 1250 for you techies) but this happened to be a nice catch when my slow shutter was open at the same time that their flash went off, resulting in a nicely lit image of two young attractive women playing joyfully with a set of breasts which just goes to show how important they really are to society…  I’m just sayin’.

And, what the heck.. -and you thought I had saved the breast for last.

I managed to get a few shots off from my camera position at one of the shows I was running camera on.  The last photo is of comedian, Bill Engvall, as he had the audience in tears at this & several other points. This man is a true pro. He had food poisoning that night but went on & clicked for an hour show with 2 trash cans just off both sides of the stage at the ready. He said after the show that he didn’t think he was gonna make it.

I hope you enjoyed this posting of “What Brian Did Not Too Long Ago.”

Tell your friends. Pass me along. Visit my gallery. Be kind to animals. Eat your vegetables. Don’t fear the reaper. I would like a job at a creative outlet. It is almost senior portrait time. Remember the Alamo. Also, remember Budget, Hertz & National. And most important- What happened in Vegas, stayed behind the camera.

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