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White Christmas Fun

Black & white photography is truly timeless in so many cases & this is a fine example.

With the blown out whites & the plaid coat, my middle son, Fletcher, has that classic “Christmas Story” look & feel from the early 40’s era.

Photo taken on Christmas day, 2009.

The next black & white shot is my youngest son, Keaton, also giving the 1940 look a good run for its money with the “rooster comb” fleece hat…which I’m sure they would have welcomed in 1940.The Christmas snow was perfect for digging a tunnel. I think I had as much fun as they did.

The other “modern” images are just a couple of quick views.

Cat, Fred, had a wonderful Christmas- as did the other 3 felines here- as they were all gooned up on catnip.

Hope your Chrustmas wasn’t a nightmare…

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