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img_9240 img_9225So, one of the things I love to shoot is when I am wearing my hat labeled, Kansas City Senior Photo Photographer- aka, a Kansas City Senior Portrait Photographer.

Young people at the ages of 16-21 always photograph beautifully and most, if not all, High School Juniors & Seniors want great portraits to have to recall their youth when it slips away from them in the night, down the road in several years.  When I was in school Senior Photos were just that- wear a suit or wear a dress & get your photo taken at a local studio, usually set up through the school. And the Senior Photographer was everything short of fun or creative…

I love to have fun & be creative on a Senior Photo Session. I can tell immediately if the subject is going to have fun- or if they just want to get this over with.  Every Senior Photo Session I have done has been wonderful, fun & the client is very happy.  That is my goal.  I have had none that wanted to be in a hurry & just be done with it.  And me neither.  And guys- don’t be afraid to be a camera hog. The girls love it because there are outfit changes & looks abound.  I need more guys!

Please have a look at these Senior Photos & if I can help you or your student with a great look- by all means, please look me up & send me a message through the site here. I promise you won’t be disappointed!041914_0083sm 041914_0232sm 041914_0420sm 062815_0036sm 062815_0298sm 062815_0583sm 062815_0732sm 062815_1281sm 062815_1341sm 082111_0040clrsm 082510_0032desatsm 082510_0079bwsm 091816_0061fxsm 091816_0292fxsm 091816_0333fxsm 091816_0584fxsm img_9228 img_9239 062815_0783sm 062815_0878sm 062815_0997sm



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