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Liberty Goes To Work

This is a fun little series that I was lucky enough to see unfold in front of me. I am such a frustrated editorial photographer. I love when a moment like this just happens.

As a Kansas City photographer, I am always delighted to see the every day move along it’s road and go unnoticed by the masses while I am always looking to preserve a little slice of it.

While visiting with friends this week at Yummy’s Choice on 39th street, I caught a glimpse through a screened window of these green pointy things waving in the air. Then I saw this young lady getting into her- “Go stand on the corner dressed like Liberty & wave in the tax customers”- outfit. I grabbed my Nikon D90 & racked the 18-200 VR all the way out & hoped that I had the white balance set close to 6,200k.

I did.. and I manually focused through the screen as it would mess with the auto focus otherwise- and fired off these frames. And then, she was gone… but not forgotten, thanks to my decision to put down the ducky & pick up the camera.

Thanks for stopping & taking the time, to look at an American icon from behind. Visit the gallery & see what I do.

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