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One Day & 3 Years Apart

I’m stoked! I had a meeting today with the owner & executive chef at Nica’s in Overland Park at 143rd & Metcalf. His name is Bryan Merker & he & his wife have an eclectic little bistro & coffee/tea hut. Very nice people there. They are doing revolving artists & I have been asked to show my “By The Curb” photos. I just today, took all of my pieces out of Figlio’s on the Plaza where they withstood a year & a half showing. Nice exposure…one sale. But I am happy to be showing in Overland Park. I will post the show date as soon as I know… stay tuned.

And I think these 2 combo prints will be included…

I love it if I revisit a spot where I once took a photograph of a “by the curb” piece & there sits another item in the same place.

Here are 2 such examples.

The vertical print was taken last Jan, 2009. I had been in midtown & noticed the sofa & the grass that was almost the same color & the stained window shades above…& shot it right from the car as I pulled to where the best frame was. The radio is on… the weather says, “A chance for snow.”

Well, this time the weather folks were correct. I had to go into midtown again & I remembered the shot from the day before. I went back & sure enough, there it was.. and a blanket had been added. I pulled up to try & recall, from memory, the framing- & I got damn close. These images are not cropped. They are full frame. One day apart.

The title of this print (available in 12×36) is “Sun & Snow”

The horizontal print (also a 12×36) is titled “Safe Place To Sit”

At least that’s the running title at the moment.

The story is fresh. Just today, I was visiting a friend in midtown & on the way home passed by 41st & State Line- where I had shot the green recliner on the left in 2007.  The photograph on the right was taken today & though they are not in the exact identical spot & distance from the hydrant- they were close enough to tell a story. Photographed 3 years apart…same location.

The green recliner image from 2007 was shot with a Nikon D200 & 18-200mm VR lens. The remaining photos were shot with the D90 & same lens. Thanks for looking. A 12×36 framed print looks smashing on any wall, by the way.

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