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Unseen Three

When I start editing photos & saving them in different places I tend to look around at older images I have taken.

This week I came across several that I like & here are 3 that jumped out at me.

The first 2 photographs were shot in San Diego with my Fuji S2 Pro body, back in January, 2004. The S2Pro is still in my bag. It has a Lensbaby 3G that lives on it full time.

The red street car ticket window is obvious but very worthy of documenting. I’m sure that it has been photographed hundreds of times. I like the slight overcast lighting here instead of what could have been full sun.

The classic seaside restaurant makes for a nice postcard feel. “Dear folks, Having a fun time here. This is the Rusty Anchor Restaurant & mom, you’d love the Hush-Puppies! Bye for now, Love- Son”

The final photo, also shot with the S2 Pro, is in Eureka Springs, Arkansas – Oct, 2005. This was actually a model posing for a photographer that was off to my left. I took advantage of the mysterious view & popped this off while she gave the other shooter the winning photo. But this version still works for me.

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