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ESPN/Andy Alleman Interview

Andy Alleman ESPN Photo Shoot

This image is of my good friend, Tim Nauman, as he video tapes KC Chiefs #62 Andy Alleman for an ESPN segment. I was asked to light & grip for the shoot & here I am holding a bounce card for fill light as I nab a few behind the scenes photos with my Nikon D200.

Image was taken Sept 29, 2009 at Arrowhead Stadium. Kansas City, MO.

Andy Alleman Behind The Scenes

KC Chiefs Andy Alleman answers questions from ESPN field producer, Alexa Pozniak, during a recent ESPN shoot as DP, Tim Nauman, checks his levels. I am obviously working on getting a nice behind the scenes shot. Sept 29, 2009.

Andy Alleman ESPN Interview

Tim Nauman & ESPN producer, Alexa Pozniak, listen to KC Chiefs #62 Andy Alleman as he tells a good side story on a recent shoot. Sept 29, 2009.

Andy Alleman Goal Post

Even at 50 yds away Andy Alleman looks menacing. Tim Nauman works his lens on our subject on a recent shoot for ESPN. Sept 29, 2009.

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